Smart water systems in the property
Greener, safer, more affordable!

Leak detection and monitoring systems are part of the Israeli Standard SI 5281 for Sustainable Buildings, and provide a high score for:
 Main Leak Monitoring and Detection System, Local Water Controller, Secondary Measurement, Separate Water Meter, and Irrigation Controller.

WASENS System During Construction – Key Benefits
  • In public areas/apartments – Distribution of autonomous systems, including smart flow meters that automatically? close the water after 30 minutes of continuous flow or leakage; no communication infrastructure required
  • At the end of the construction project, you can upgrade to smart systems controlled from the mobile app
WASENS in Green Construction – Key Benefits
  • Adapts to Sustainable Buildings standard with 
  • Earn 2 points for installing a system from the main/secondary source
  • Earn 2.5 points for installing an autonomous apartment system (per tenant); no communication required
  • Protection against secondary damage caused by onsite subcontractor operations, e.g., drilling, welding, cutting, etc.
  • Tenants will receive an insurance certificate upon delivery of the property (individual insurance companies offer benefits for the system)
  • During the inspection period, contractors will receive a detailed account of the water damage in the building, as well as in individual apartments (customer-facing) 
  • Save water by proactively closing the system when the construction site is inactive
  • Immediate ROI for the developer

Using a water management system will earn you points
saving you a “flood” of expenses

בטוח, יעיל, משתלם!
Safe, effective & efficient!