About Us

WASENS is a global company with subsidiaries in the US, Canada, and Europe. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Israel, WASENS has a keen awareness and understanding of the economic, environmental, and existential value of water.

One of the five elements in nature, water is a precious resource. At WASENS, we are strongly committed to preserving and conserving water, and with the appropriate management, protect our customers’ assets from the water damage. WASENS focuses on innovative technologies in the water sector, where its skilled R&D team aggregates and analyzes data generated from IoT and smart home devices, to develop and produce viable water-saving systems for leading US-based companies.

WASENS provides a comprehensive service and technical support system for its customers, ranging from plumbing consultants, contractors, and property managers, to private customers.

בטוח, יעיל, משתלם!
Safe, effective & efficient!