Even a small leak can cause extensive damage

Even a small leak can cause
extensive damage

Innovative systems for leak prevention and water savings

WASENS advanced systems detect irregular water consumption and reduce damage and expenses.

WASENS, the experts in water damage prevention, introduce solutions that make your water infrastructure smart, with fast and easy installation. Powered by innovative technologies, analytics tools, advanced sensors, and a unique mobile app, WASENS ensures that you are protected, 24/7, from major water damage, while enjoying full control and monitoring of your water consumption.

Irrigation Solutions

An irrigation system of any size or scope, must be monitored and controlled, not only to preserve vegetation, but to also save costs.

Water Savings
Water costs are the largest expense in property management when taking into account irregular consumption and hidden leaks.
Water leak and flooding prevention

To prevent water leaks and flooding, reaction time is critical Damages can be great and the costs are high



based on aggregated information
stored in the system’s database.

Office Buildings

Municipal Properties

Commercial Centers

Industrial Parks

Clinics & Hospitals

Residential Complexes

Private Residences


Customized solutions
for all types of properties:

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