Water Savings

Reducing Water Costs

Installing a WASENS system makes a property’s water infrastructure, smart. With WASENS on board, you will be able to effectively monitor and manage your water economy, identify irregular and uncontrolled consumption, and even detect hidden leaks. This is how you will save water costs for your property, private home, and apartment building. Market-proven, WASENS systems deliver up to 55% in water savings for the institutional and public sector.

Event Scheduling

The innovative WASENS dashboard enables annual water system management planning based on users’ behavior in the building, such as closing the water system on days and hours when there is no activity on site. Using the convenient app, the system can be managed and controlled remotely according to predefined schedules, with value-added benefits, including water savings, leak and flood prevention, and other unnecessary expenses.

WASENS solutions allow you to manage and monitor your water economy and achieve savings of up to 55%

בטוח, יעיל, משתלם!
Safe, effective & efficient!