Smart water systems
A smart decision, and proven cost-savings

Water is money – and saving water means money in your pocket

WASENS introduces smart and convenient solutions to control and monitor the water system in the institution or organization you manage. With WASENS’ innovative systems, we have achieved market-proven savings of 40-55% in water consumption in academic institutes, resulting in significantly reduced expenses. With WASENS in control, customers have also reduced maintenance costs, and unnecessary repairs. Leaks, irregular water consumption, and water damage, are not just about costs, they can be a real headache. WASENS solutions enable minimal organizational downtime, so that employees can quickly return to their daily routines. 

The system enables control and monitoring of the entire water economy, from a single local in the institution, or in several institutions and buildings at the same time. Obtain a real-time view of water use, alerts and information on irregular consumption, and leaks, including pipe breaks or the danger of flooding. All this and more, even when the institution is not in operation. Even when the buildings are not populated, you are still in full control, in real-time, via the convenient mobile app. 

From public areas to hidden spaces, the system gives you the tools you need to identify, act fast, and respond immediately – all via remote operations, to minimizing the damage. WASENS also assists your maintenance staff by providing preventive maintenance to ultimately reduce water waste, and prevent water damage. 

Amongst its many benefits, with WASENS, you can easily generate reports according to different areas and parameters, plus WASENS gives you the option to automatically refresh your water system.

When your water system is under your control
it’s safer, more efficient, and more profitable!

  • 40-55% market-proven savings in water consumption
  • Reduced expenses
  • Save on maintenance costs and repairs
  • Control and monitor your water economy
  • From a single building, to several institutions/buildings at the same time
  • Alerts and information on irregular water consumption, leaks, and floods
  • Immediate detection and identification of the leak’s location
  • Control and supervision, even in periods without activity
  • Assistance for maintenance staff
  • Preventive maintenance – to reduce water waste and damage 
  • Real-time, remote application
  • Generate reports and data according to different areas/parameters
  • Option to automatically refresh the water system

WASENS detects irregular consumption and enables immediate detection and identification of the location of the leak/drip

בטוח, יעיל, משתלם!
Safe, effective & efficient!