Water damage prevention
for peace of mind, and cost savings.

Extensive water damage always starts with one tiny drop. That’s why response time is a critical factor. WASENS’ advanced water damage prevention system will make your water infrastructure – smart, with fast and easy installation.

With innovative technologies, AI tools, advanced sensors and a unique mobile app, you can be sure that you are protected, 24/7, from significant water damage, and enjoy full control and monitoring of your water consumption. Plus, you will be able to identify if you have irregular water consumption, and save on your water bill.

  • Manage, control and monitor the system from a PC or mobile app 
  • Detect hidden leaks or pipe breaks in different areas of your home 
  • Prevent the danger of flooding
  • Receive alerts on irregular water consumption
  • Control your garden’s irrigation system
  • Option to adjust system based on property type 
  • Identify and locate the leak in real-time
  • Save on water bills
  • Save on insurance policy, in accordance with your provider

When it comes to water damage
time is a critical factor.
A quick response will save you a “flood” of expenses.

בטוח, יעיל, משתלם!
Safe, effective & efficient!